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How to Make Digital Paintings Look Traditional: 3 Pro Tips

Want a more traditional, "painterly" look to your digital paintings?

There’s nothing wrong with super-smooth blending and crisp, clean lines. In fact, some of my favorite pieces of digital art are in this style.

But maybe you love the look of a traditional painting or want to challenge yourself to create the illusion that you’ve used real brushes on a canvas.

Using texture is a great way to achieve that painterly feel in your artwork.

Creating texture doesn’t mean leaving random blocks of color or doing a final pass with a textured brush in an attempt to make your painting look more realistic.

So how do you make your digital painting look traditional using textures? That’s what today’s tutorial is all about!

In this video, you’ll learn my top 3 tips for mimicking traditional media. Watch step-by-step as I apply them to one of my portraits.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

A simple trick you can use before you start applying color to add authentic “imperfections” that give your painting a traditional vibe

How to choose the right brushes so that you create buildable texture and avoid that flat look

The “puzzle” approach to painting that adds realism and depth, and improves your observation skills!

The one tool you’ve probably been told to avoid that simulates real brushstrokes on a canvas — use this alongside a textured brush and your digital painting will instantly look more traditional



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