XPPen Extended Warranty,
Extra protection for your device

Extend the warranty on your new XPPen device by 6 or 12 months at the end of the standard warranty on your XPPen device.

*The extended warranty terms will be the same as the XPPen standard warranty terms available at
*Extended Warranty can only be purchased once per device.
*The price of the extended warranty for each model may be different,
only the extended warranty that supports that model can be purchased

Applicable Models

Models eligible for Extended Warranty may change
Please filter the applicable models by using the filter function

Graphic Display

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Graphic Tablet

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How to Purchase?

///  Extended Warranty ///


How to Function?

1. If the product has a fault.


2. Please send us the order number, fault description, photos or videos showing the fault
to our after-sales mailbox
our Technical Support Team will contact you to diagnose the cause and try to solve it.


3. If it is a hardware issue of the product or the original parts issue of the product, the Sales Support Team will help you solve the problem according to your standard warranty and Extended Warranty



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5. The XPPen Extended Warranty is about to expire. Can I buy another?

6. Will I receive assistance if my XPPen product has been accidentally damaged?

7. Can I get a return for a refund on an XPPen product that was broken during the Extended Warranty period?

8. Can I return the XPPen Extended Warranty separately and get a refund?

9. My device was purchased in another country, can I purchase a warranty extension in the country I am in?

10. I'm going to purchase the Artist 15.6 Pro, can I purchase the Extended Warranty Service of the Artist 12 Pro?