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Artist 24 Pro REVIEW: Graphics Display Tablet by XP-Pen

Artist 24 Pro is a 2K Graphics Display Tablet by XP-Pen, and in this article I’ll unbox it, test it, and review it.

XP-Pen is a professional supplier of pen tablets and graphics displays. I’ve had the pleasure to review their Artist 15.6 Pro and Innovator 16.

The Artist 24 Pro is arguably the most advanced and professional of their products. So, let’s test it and see if it lives up to the expectations.

Major Features of Artist 24 Pro

#1. 2K QHD Display

Okay, so this is a big one!

The Artist 24 Pro is a 23.8 inches display.

And with such large size, having HD resolution would probably result in you seeing pixels while drawing – no good.

So, instead, they made it 2K resolution, 2560 X 1440, which means you have amazing resolution while drawing even with such a big display size.

The best of both worlds? Yup!

#2. 20 Shortcut Keys

Who’s cray-cray for shortcuts? Me, me, me!

And 20 seems like plenty!

This display has 20 shortcuts, 10 on each side, PLUS 2 red wheels.

If you haven’t had the pleasure to work with red wheels yet – they are a game-changer for sure.

You can set it up to change the brush size or to zoom-in and zoom-out of canvas. So, instead of pressing multiple times one way or the other, you can just scroll and smoothly change these parameters.

(Closer to the end of this article, I’ll also be sharing my shortcuts setup)

#3. Awesome Stylus

Comfortable and responsive – the two qualities a digital pen should have.

Does this one have them? You betcha!

It has…

  • 2 customizable shortcut buttons,

  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity

  • supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function

  • and it’s battery-free

Basically, a great stylus that works just as it’s supposed to.

With it, I can choose a brush to work with and it almost feels as though I’m using that other tool, and not just a pen.

#4. USB Hub

So, this one is a pretty unique feature – and so cool!

At the back of this display tablet, you get a USB-Hub, so that you can connect other devices to it.

It’s pretty cool if you want to connect a mouse, keyboard, external hard drive , or even your phone.

#5. Adjustable Stand

Oh, I’m so excited about this one!

This stand is different from the other ones mainly in two ways:

It’s not a separate accessory, rather it’s attached to the back of this display.

You can adjust the angle to your liking!

I love this because the other tablets come with a stand that only has one angle. And now you have options, and I go with the highest one as my preference.

#6. Pen Slot

Neat little stylus slot.

The Artist 24 Pro comes with a little accessory that you can choose whether or not to use, and if you want it on the left or the right side of the tablet.

It’s pretty cool, simply because once you are done creating – just place the stylus in the slot and it will be there for you the next time you are ready to paint.

No more losing pens!

#7. Quick Connection

And finally, they have the USB-C to USB-C cable for a streamlined connection of the tablet to your computer.

And if you hate having a bunch of cables picking out from every corner of your table – you’ll love this!

Unboxing Artist 24 Pro: What’s Inside the Box?

As I opened the box on the floor (because it’s so huge and heavy!), here’s what I found inside:

  • Artist 24 Pro Graphics Display

  • A Drawing Glove

  • 2 Styluses

  • Pen Holder with 8 replacement nibs

  • Pen Slot

  • USB-C to USB-C Cable

  • USB-C to USB Adapter

  • HDMI Cable

  • Power Chord

  • Power Adapter

  • Cleaning Cloth

  • Warranty

  • Manual

Setting Up The Driver

To set up Artist 24 Pro tablet, simply connect it as it shows in the manual, and then go to their website and download a specific driver  (depending on your system).

You can see it in the top right corner under “driver”.

In the downloaded folder, you’ll have a PDF file with easy-to-follow instructions. It should only take a few minutes and you’ll be good to go!

My Hotkeys Set-Up

Setting up hotkeys can take a while, but all of this time and more will be saved during many hours of drawing.

Since there are 20 hotkeys, I decided to write down all of the shortcuts and tools I use the most, and then set them up.

It’s a very personal thing, and it will highly depend on your process as an artist.

But I’ll share mine with you for inspiration

As you can see I created tiny icon stickers on the sides of the buttons.

It’s just that memorizing all 20 will take some time, and those icons remind me what I set up here and there.

As I was creating this image for you I figured that these will probably change with time as I develop my new workflow even further.

But, it’s a good start if you have no idea what to set up just yet!

Testing, Drawing, and Painting

After different tests of stylus responsiveness, jitter and looking for bugs, I can say that I’m super impressed with the overall quality and experience!

The stylus is really responsive to the tiniest movements and pressure changes.

After, I created 10 drawings that day on this tablet.

Doing 2 quick studies paintings and 8 sketches really helped me test the tablet. Overall, it feels really great working with it.

P.S. Save the image to your Pinterest art board if you like it

Artist 24 Pro Video Review

So, if you feel that Artist 24 Pro is something you want to check out and test for yourself, you can get one on:

I also have a YouTube video review of Artist 24 Pro that you can watch below. Enjoy!



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