COVID-19 latest update

1. The shipping time

Due to the impact of COVID-19, some shipments could be slowed down (depending on your carrier).

You can see the Delivery way from each of the product order pages. (PS. The shipping time will update according to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus situation)


2. What carrier does XP-PEN use?

We hire a 3rd party courier to send parcels.

The local warehouse will arrange shipment with local shipping company, such as Royal mail, Hermes, DPD, DHL,UPS, Parcelforce, PostNord, Yun express, P2G, Posti, AMZN_UK, AP, etc

You can track and trace from


3. Can I choose the specific shipping carrier?


For the quicker delivery, the local warehouse will arrange shipment with local shipping company. Our logistic department can not choose the specific shipping company.

4. Where my package will be shipped?

XP-PEN(UK) has warehouse in UK, EU and China.
Usually, we arrange shipment within the UK/EU. However, some products will have to be shipped from outside UK/EU if they are out of stock.

The pandemic has significantly impacted airlines resulting in many flight cancellations from the UK.  This in turn means air line haul capacity is greatly reduced.
The shipment is taking longer than usual.

You can see the Delivery way from each of the product order pages.
Your item will be processed within 7 days during which we'll send you order tracking number.
For more details, feel free to contact us.
Contact page:

5. The shipping information shows ”Shipping information received”, but no update?

Your package is on its way to you.
The local shipping company has received shipment information, but not yet received the package.

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), flights are cancelled.
The package is waiting for flights to the UK. Usually, the process here takes 7-14 working days.

The local shipping company will deliver the package to you once the package received.

The delivery date of your parcel should be no later than the date that is advised in the product order page.

If there’s special case, please contact us at

6. How to receive my package?

There’s a lot that is still unknown about the Coronavirus but we know it’s best to minimise physical contact to stop the virus spreading.

In order to protect both shipping carrier and XP-PEN customers as much as possible, carrier will not be handing over the hand-held devices to you to capture signatures. Please keep in touch with the shipping carrier when product delivery.

7. Haven’t received my package?

Case 1: Package delay.
Due to the pandemic, the shipment could take longer that we expected.
Please contact the local post office/ carrier first to confirm the delivery date.

Case 2: Status shows delivered, but have not received.
Please check your delivery address on your order detail page first, as we have arranged shipment accordingly.

If the delivery address is correct, please contact the local post office/ carrier to see if they have misplaced your package.

Case: 3: Package failed to deliver
Contact the local post office/ carrier to see if they will attempt delivery.
If not, please contact us.

XP-PEN are actively monitoring the rapidly evolving Coronavirus situation. Should you need further information, please contact us at
Or Contact page:

Stay safe, and make sure we look after both ourselves and the ones we love. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently. Thank you.