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XP-PEN Note Plus Digital Notebook

An Ideal smart notepad for you
Sketch, synchronize, store, share
XP-PEN Note Plus Digital Notebook
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Note Plus

Sketch, synchronize, store, share

An Ideal smart notepad for you

Device dimensions are 245 x 176 x 15mm, weight 340g, Thanks to its attractive design, XP-Pen Note Plus is elegant, easy to carry and use. With a built in 1000 mAh lithium battery, it supports up to 16 hours of work time. It includes a magnetic charging interface that provides a quicker and easier way to charge than a micro USB interface.

Magnetic charging interface

Weighs 340g

Non-stop work time: 16h

Digitize your handwriting

Combining traditional handwriting with Bluetooth 5.0 and high-precision electromagnetic induction technology, transform your handwritten information into a digital form in real time. Create a database of every your handwriting and achieve more efficient digital information management and faster content retrieval.

Speedier and more stable transmission

Accurate handwriting recognition

By applying an advanced handwriting recognition engine, XP-Pen Note Plus can intelligently distinguish words in multiple languages(Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, and Portuguese) and images and separate the doodles from the words.

Open it, record it

Simply open the notepad to turn on and close it again to enter auto sleep mode. Its battery can last up to 50 days in standby mode and with built-in high-capacity offline storage, it stores up to 50 pages of offline notes, allowing you to easily record your inspirations whenever and wherever you are.

Close it

Open it

Standby time:50 days

Offline notes: 50 pages

Easy to use,
easy to record and create

XP-Pen Note Plus is compatible with general A5 size note, allowing you to write and realize data transmission with ordinary paper that can be easily replaced at any time, helping you write, record, and create quickly and conveniently.

A5 size note

Smart data transmission, less is more

Simply connect the XP-Pen Note Plus to your smartphone to synchronize the data transmission in real time. Open the XP-Pen Note+ app and import offline data like sketches for backup. Now you don’t need to waste time writing notes and creating sketches again and you can save more time for working and creating.

Digitize your handwriting in real time
Create anytime and anywhere

Save in real-time your handwritten class notes

Editable and retrievable

Intelligently distinguish between handwritten words and images.

Writing offline, import and upload it to cloud storage.

Recording your inspiration anytime and anywhere

Representing the creative process with one-click share

Create anytime and anywhere

The XP-Pen Note Plus works with both iOS and Android systems. You can directly connect your iPhone, Android phone or tablet to the Smart Notepad and start writing, recording, and drawing anytime and anywhere with boundless convenience and efficiency.


Android phone

Android tablet

Note + app

Use the general A5 size note to write and draw with the battery-free stylus and freely adjust style, thickness, and color of the brush on the Note+ app. Intelligently distinguish between handwritten words and images and transform the words into a digital form in real time to your phone or pad. When writing offline, import and upload it to the cloud for backup. JPG, PNG and GIF export formats are supported and with one-click sharing of your artwork to your social media.

Digitize your handwriting in real time

Representing the creative process

Supports high-capacity cloud storage

Accurate handwriting recognition

Writing offline, import and upload it to the cloud

One-click share

Battery-free, hassle-free

With the passive electromagnetic induction technology, you can write and transmit directly using the battery-free stylus, no charging or pairing is ever required, letting you focus even more on the creation itself!

No battery

No need charging

Creative process with one-click share

By recording the track of each stroke, every creative process can be tracked. Several export and share formats are supported. With one-click sharing of your artwork, who will be able to doubt that you are a creative talent?

Representing the creative process with one-click share

Release yourself from worries

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t always strike at the most convenient time or place. With the XP-Pen Note Plus, you can sketch on the go and upload your work on cloud, then complete or refine it with your full-featured graphics tablet.


Product size:245 x 176 x 15mm
Product weight:340g
Active area:A5(148x210mm)
Reading height:10mm
Pen:Battery-free stylus
Stylus size:153x 10.3mm
Storage:16MB ( Max 50 pages )
Charging specification:5V/0.5A
Battery:Lithium-ion battery, 1000mAh/3.7V
Charging time:≤2.5h
Work time:≥16h
Standby time:≥50 Days
Paper/Note:A5 size
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Interface support:magnetic charging interface
Indicator light:1
Compatibility:Android 6.0 or above, iOS(iPhone only)10.0 or above

Package Included:

1x Smart Notepad

1x Battery-free stylus

1x Replacement Nib

1x Pen-Clipper

1x A5 Size Notebook

1x Magnetic USB Charging Cable

1 x Quick Guide

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